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Cannot Activate Cable Router



I have recently applied for Kabel Netz and already received my new Kundennummer and Aktivierungscode. I have Fritzbox 6490 cable router which is one of the approved cable routers. However I was not able to to proceed with cable router activation. I tried to call 0800 172 1212 number but could not find my way through.


Could you please help me how to activate my router?


As a side note, it seems like I am able to open some web sites but the speed of the internet is very very slow, for example it takes about 5 minutes to open Youtube. So I guess I have the proper cable connection but I need Vodafone to activate my router and adjust my internet speed accordingly.


Please reach me out to troubleshoot the problem.


Best regards

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in which federal state of Germany do you live?

what is the article number on the back of your 6490?

Bayern and Artikel-Nummer: XXX


try to use your mobile connected to Fritzbox using WiFi (disable mobile data)

do not use any external DNS server

I tried to use both WiFi of my mobile phone and PC but both of them are acting the same. It takes a lot of time (about 5 minutes) to open a web page and it does not even open properly


Hi Robert,


Do I need to call for a Vodafone technician to enable the cable internet? When I walked through the steps to setup the cable router, I understood that I could set it up remotely without the help of a technician. However I cannot activate my router as the specified website cannot open

no, in Bayern you have to use the activation portal



you can only reach the portal while connected to the Fritzbox

if your phone switches automaticly to mobile data during activation the portal is not reachable

take a look into Fritzbox Online-Monitor, the IPv4 need to start with 10.


perform a factory reset and try again while connected with a cable



Hi Robert,


I followed your instructions but still no success. I turned airplane mode on my mobile phone and only connected to WiFi of the router but still could not open the website for activation. I applied factory reset to the router and retried but did not work.

I am attaching the screenshot which shows that my IP address does not start with 10. but instead some other number, could this be the problem?

Dns server matches with the IPs of Vodafone server but as also you can see in the below image that my internet speed is 64kB/s, is this going to be at my contract after I can manage to activate my router?