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Cancel contract


I contracted an kabel internet connection with vodafone for a speed of 1000 Mbits.

However the connection is unstable and slow especially in the evening, preventing to stream videos or even to load websites on browser.

I have tried to contact customer service at least 10 times, they tried to solve the issue remotely but unsuccessful, then tried to send a technican but the issue persists. 


Since Vodafone is unable to fulfill the promised performance I want them to cancel the contract on their end, and without fees for me, with an end date at 31.12.2021. 

I have tried to call 0800 172 1212 (or even 0800 5266625) I have been waiting 10 minutes each time to get an operator but none spoke english and directly hang up on me. They could try to transfer the call to another operator but insteady they hang up and I had to call them multiple times. 


Please contact me ASAP. 


Thank you

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Hallo @pRo-Marco 


Thank you very much your help, I have sent you a private message. 


Hi sovose7072,


as you wish, we will cancel the contract to the end of the month. You will receive confirmation of termination in writing.

Maybe you will decide to come back to us in the future. We would be happy Smiley (fröhlich)


Can I close the thread?

Kind regards


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Thank you for your help!
Yes you can close the thread. 

All the best!