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On-site Internet Technical Support Needed

I am requesting that a Vodafone Internet Technician render on-site support in order to provide a permanent fully functional and usable location connection solution in my apartment; specifically, in my Office. I have attempted numerous times, via your support phone number, to request such service, but the few times that I was able to speak to one of your representatives, I was told to have someone who spoke German to call back, on my behalf, because your phone representatives did not speak English. I was able to find a German speaking representative who also attempted several times to arrange for a Technician Appointment, but they too have been unsuccessful in reaching a Vodafone representative.


I am a U.S. Citizen, that does not speak German, who recently moved to Germany in association with the U.S. military. I established Vodafone Fiber Optics Internet service (along with other services) in September 2023. My account number is 295965904.


In September, your Vodafone Technician, during an on-site visit, had to connect the internet modem in our bedroom because it was the only known active Coax connection in our apartment. Our Bedroom is at the extreme opposite end of our apartment away from where we need it most. (Note: Even the Vodafone Technician informed me that placing the internet modem in the Bedroom would not be a good location since it could fully provide the best connectivity for the entire apartment, but it was the only active coax connection known at the time, so it had to be used.) In addition, the Technician investigated our best preferred location to install the internet modem, which would have been our Office, but he was afraid of making the necessary Coax Cabling connection at the main junction in the basement because of not knowing how it would potentially affect the other tenant's internet service.


Ultimately, we really need the main modem/internet connection to be in our Office, which would provide the best internet connectivity for the entire apartment, and is certainly best for the placement of the main phone landline (LL) since its integrated with the modem. My landlord has since informed me that our apartment is one of two apartments that have Coax based internet connections. More importantly, our apartment currently has the Only Active Coax Cable internet connection. There is no tenant residing in the other apartment. Hence, there is no other internet connection that could be affected. It is also important for you to know that my landlord has informed me that they do not have access to the main Coax Cable Box in the basement; only your technicians have this access.


We currently have internet connectivity in only half of our apartment. Not even the modem's Wi-Fi capability has the range to reach the other half of our apartment.

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upgrade your current router with a cable Fritzbox 6690 and install an additional AVM repeater (3000AX or 6000)