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My DSL internet is down since yesterday

My DSL internet has been down since yesterday. I tried the steps suggested by the online Vodafone troubleshooter (like unplugging the router, waiting  3mins, plugging again, wait 15 mins etc) nothing is working.  I tried calling customer care, but sadly I don't speak german so I couldn't get past IVR.

 I'm new here and I'm working remotely. This has affected my work. Can someone please help me?

My area: Friedrichshain, berlin 



Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 9.19.42 AM.png

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Hi Alfredfrancis,


if the usual seps like restarting the modem and checking the cables do not work our Netz-Assistent will help you:


Alternatively you can contact my colleagues via phone: 0800 172 1212 or you contact them via our Facebook or Twitter service:






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Thank you for your reply.


I tried Netz-Assistent but no use.


I called 0800 172 1212 many times in the last two days and chose an English-speaking operator. I was either connected to a German-speaking operator or the agent placed me on hold for some period of time before disconnecting/transferring the call to another person. I'm extremely frustrated by this.


I think you'll have to send a technician to check this. Can you please create a ticket on my behalf? 


Thank you for your answer, Alfredfrancis.


Jens-K had already written here in his post how you can reach us directly. 🙂

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