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Internet speed Issue

We did a speed test just now and it shows we are getting only 10% of booked tariff on download. I tried calling the customer care number however its all in German. So is there a number I can call to speak to someone and fix it?



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Namrata,


I'm sorry the speed isn't right. Unfortunately only 0800 172 1212 is available by phone. Not all agents speak English. Sorry.


Do you always have performance problems or only at a certain time? Were the measurements made via WLAN or LAN? Please do this here:

Could you please do some more Speedchecks? That would be nice. So we can see, where the problem is. 

1. Please carry out the tests with a LAN connection directly to the modem (please remove additionally installed LAN switches or routers if necessary)

2. Do not use a WLAN connection (strongly fluctuating signal quality)

3. Only operate one PC at the time of the test. (Other clients please switch off if necessary)

4. In parallel to the tests, please do not carry out any further Internet activities, including: retrieving emails, visiting other websites, making internet calls, downloads, etc.

5. Do not use powerline adapters or WLAN bridges for the tests! (Limited data throughput possible!)

Please perform the speedchecks on the portal on three different times with 6 hours apart and note the ticket id and send them to me via private message. I need your customer number and a german cellphone number too.

Depending on how the results turn out, we will ask the technical department for a more detailed check and, if necessary, instruct Telekom to solve the problem.

Best regards

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