DSL keeps restarting



My DSL router keeps restarting from a few days ago. Sometimes it work for a few hours, sometimes a few minutes. The router had been replaced a few months ago by the technician. The Network Assistant does not seem to have an option to report this. What can I do?



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Hi, have a look at our fault finder 👉 vod.af/faultfinder It can give you more information about your connection. Or get in touch via our WhatsApp chat on 0172 1217212

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Thank you for your reply! The URL seems to redirect to https://www.vodafone.de, maybe I'm wrong...

I will try the WhatsApp chat right now!


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Dear @MariaK, I sent a help request via the WhatsApp number you gave me, but got no reply after two days. Can you please let me know how can I get help with this problem? It is really annoying. Thank you!