[English Support] How to turn on Hotspot and change phone number on eSIM

Hi there. 
I recently ported my number from a physical SIM to a Vodafone eSIM.
Activation worked seamlessly, however I am unable to turn on Cellular Hotspot, which is a critical functionality for me.

I've also noticed that the form field where my phone number usually goes, is missing.
All my other SIM/eSIMs usually have a phone number attached and is visible on the Cellular List.
Note: On iPhone 15, I've already tried Reset Network Settings, which did not fix the issue, and Vodafone eSIM is set to Primary, in Germany.
Could someone please help with these topics? Many thanks.

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Our customer support team will be happy to take a look.

We need personal information from you to do this.

Please contact us via our WhatsApp chat on 0172 1217212

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