Englis help needed Ihave to cancel my contract with a mobile Phone because I have to leave Germany
Good evening,
I would like to ask what I can do because I did a contract the past 04.03.2019 with a mobile phone for 24 months contract, when I did it I was totally convinced that I was going to stay that long in Germany so it was not a problem to me to get it. But because of the circunstances and familiar problems I have to to back to my country in South America before as I thought. Please if anybody could give further information or help me out about what to do, where to send the mobile phone to and how to cancel the contract I would really appreciate it.
To be honest it doesn't make sense that I just signed to contract 2 weeks ago and want to cancel it but it is so important for me and family to go back.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,
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If you signed that contract in a Vodafone shop, I'm afraid to tell you that there is no possibility to cancel the contract before the end of the two years. And even if you did the contract online, your then by law granted withdrawal period (Widerrufszeitraum) of 14 days has been passed 2 days ago.


It was up to you not to choose a contract with that long minimum term (e.g. choosing a pre-paid card) - so you'll most probably have to stick to the contract until its end. And no, there is no special right by law to cancel the mobile contract (contrary to landlines) as you may use the contract even in South Africa as contractually agreed (that also includes roaming fees!)...


You may wait for a mod to help you, but as I said, I'm afraid they can only tell you the same thing.


Only possibility: You find someone that enters into that contract instead of you...

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