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terminated contract details



i am samson vinai kumar from india.


Germany vodafone mobile phone contract number is below

Customer number. xxxxxxx


I recently terminated my contract in 14 days time.


i am from india and i would like to know more details about my terminated contract, till how long do i have to pay bills?


i came to germany to work on a small project for a company.


i got cheated into signing the 24 month contract postpaid sim only.


there is no use of the service except using internet.


and also there is no point to sign 24 month contract if i am staying in germany for just 6 months.  


and if i leave germany do i still have to pay bills even if i dont use my sim.


and also i have updated my IBAN for direct debit to pay bills.


are the bank details ok in my account ? is there any problem with the IBAN.


my bill which is due on 18th May 2022 not yet debited from my current IBAN account. is it debited from the previous IBAN number which the vodafone store guy gave at the time of subscription?


help me with this.


Edit: Customer number removed.

2 Antworten 2

and if i move back to INDIA once my work is done in germany, 


if i had to pay the bills from INDIA,  how do i pay the bills then and clear all my dues?


will you provide details for that please.


from INDIA,  to which vodafone IBAN should i pay my terminated contract bills and clear all my dues if there are any at the time of leaving to INDIA.


my tariff which got terminated was RED M.


i took only SIM card


what is the status of my terminated contract now.


its very difficult to communicate on phone as there is no one speaking english and its difficult to communicate and resolve issues on phone.


what do i have to do before going back to india from germany to completely get rid of my vodafone contract with all my bills cleared. 


please let me know the process for that. 


if there are any pending bills at the time of going back to INDIA from germany,  i want to clear all bills and get rid of this terminated contract.


please explain the process.