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Vertrag Kabel, helpless help center.


I have kinda strange experience with Vodafone recently.

It all started since I changed my address.

So : I went to the office where I signed up for my home internet, told the employee that I’d like to change the address and also my internet speed from 100 to 1000 mb.

The employee said ok, but you have to pay due to the address changing and also your payment will be higher because of the internet speed increasing - sure thing. I did it around 18-23 of June.

So, when I moved in by my new address there was internet but still 100mb.

I visited the office again where I was told to wait a little it takes approximately a week more.


Two weeks later I visited the office explained everything and they said, that they can’t do anything. The only way for me is to have a call back from the “call service” - ok. They made an appointment and no one called me this day.

Next day I called by myself, as my German is not enough the guy in the line call another who could speak English (thank you). The employee told me, that he sees the address being changed but nothing about speed increasing(tariff changing). Then he said that he will make this out and will send me all info through the post. I got nothing.

It was in the middle of July.

Today (29 of July) I found out that Vodafone didn’t withdraw money for the July, because usually it happened 20-21st each month.

And again I went to the office, office helpless as usual made an appointment for calling back from “call service” and I asked twice the office employee assured me that It will be person, who can help me in English.

17.53 the incoming call. The voice told me that it’s Vodafone operator who can he help me (in German), I asked if we can speak English, he said that they are not English help enter and hung up.

So, the last chance is here, I guess.


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For support in English, use the Facebook or Twitter contacts listed below. That way you also get in contact with „real“ support instead of via phone (external call centers) or stores (which are operated independently and are not part of the Vodafone support system - they sell contracts):