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Dear Team

The billing on my Vodafone contract is incorrect. It is actually a mess and I am unsatisfied, to say the least. Below are various issues:

  • I had 6 months of free internet connection and the billing was supposed to start after 6 months. However, billing started on my contract from the middle of 5th month itself
  • Billing done for first month is incorrect as well
  • I had an option to reduce the speed of my connection and a fax for the same was sent within the specified period as per contract. However, for the current month (where ideally I shouldn't have been billed), I am charged 49,99 euros instead of the chosen plan (if I remember correctly, it was 35,99 euros per month)

It is a shame that for a company like Vodafone, there are so many errors in one contract. It would be helpful if I receive a resolution to this as soon as possible.




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Hello kabirgermany,


We would be happy to help you and take a look at what's going on. To do this, we need to see your customer data. Unfortunately, we cannot access your data privately here. Please be so kind and contact our Twitter or Facebook service, if this is possible for you. Our colleagues will be happy to help you.


Best regards


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