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Haven't received the order.

We have tried to order internet (DL 500GB) + mobile sim card + and free TV connection.
So summary is , didn't get any confirmation then we have called the customer care.
The lady said order was not complete and then she placed the order on our behalf, we got the "Vertragszusammenfassung" and a pdf with order description also "Bestellnummer - *" .

but yet 10 days passed and we haven't received the order yet. I already called the customer care they say to call one number then  other  one say other but no one is telling where is the order. (call DSL for seperate, sim for seperate and etc..and still no help)

Moral Story, where is my order ? I am already done with calling different customer care numbers. 
It should be simple, that order was placed via customer care only (got the order summary and all) but where is the product ?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks 🙂 


Edit: personal data deleted. BR J0hann

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Hello @Ritu,


please contact our customer service via these contact channels.

My friends will help.


BR J0hann 

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