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Customer Service

I recently extended 3 mobile and a data connection contract..  Since then my mobile stopped working and the nightmare began.  I call the first time to report the problem, ask the english speaking operator but it connected me to someone who did not speak english. After 2-3 attempts and always asking for the oprerator, it connected me to someone who did speak english but could not understand the problem.  In the backgroung I could hear farm sounds like pigs and chicken.  Most likely the guy was working from a farm!!  Eventually after several calls that lasted two days, I was able to find out that the issue was with an old SIM that needed replacement.  Several times the system connected me to people that were speaking English who hanged up the minute they reslised the complexity of the issue.  I asked to cancel all extensions and I am looking for an alternative provider.  However I do not believe that in Germany you can get better service.  In general Telcos are designed by highly paid and intelligent people but their business model is based on cost cuts and this can result in suboptimal staffing decisions.

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English support is available via the Twitter/X or Facebook contacts listed below. The phone hotline connects to external call centers with often low quality and low powers.