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Contract issue (English)



This is a fairly complicated and frustrating situation. 


I called earlier the customer service earlier this month to review my contract of my main number and my partner card. I wanted to revert my partner to a basic 15€/month (instead of Red XL) - the agent on the phone told me he needed to send a new sim card - which I thought was odd at the time and I repeatdly said I didn't need it... he proceeded to tell me it's just the system and that there is no need to change sim card for my partner. 


Upon reviewing my monthly invoice - I realized that he created a 3rd phone line on my contract - keeping the partner card's XL intact (!).  I really feel I've been fooled by the sales department and would like some help undoing this - I am having difficulties to get help over the phone due the language barrier, but my understanding is that they can't help me because I am passed the 14 days grace period, which is obviously not an acceptable outcome given the nature of this situation. 


After many years with Vodafone for my whole household, this kind of deception leaves a real bad taste in my mouth. I hope someone can assist me with this.


Thank you. 







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I am very sorry if there has been a misunderstanding here.


Unfortunately, once the 14-day right of cancellation is over, it is not possible to cancel the new contract.


I recommend that you contact my colleagues .


They can take a look at your customer account and help you choose a tariff for your partner.


I'm sure they can find a good solution.


Best regards,


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Thanks for you answer Sandra. I am not getting through any of the usual channels (being pushed to other numbers ... or being told I will get a call back 30min later, but no call follows). 


I would really appreciate assistance in getting help for my issue


Please excuse that you have not been successful yet.


The best way is to write to our service team on one of the following channels.


The Kolleg:Innen will be happy to help.


Continue here:


* on Facebook:


* on Twitter:


Many greetings,


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