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I wanted to change from a prepaid sim to a contract and I created an order through your website. However, this was not allowing me to keep my existing number, so I called your customer service and they created a whole new contract. So now I have 2 contracts and I can't find a way to cancel the first one. When I told your employee about the first contract they said they can't find it in the system and they'd have to make a new one and I can cancel it later. Would appreciate some help


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If it's prepaid cards and not in the CallYa Digital tariff plan, then no further action will be needed. Prepaid plans will automatically deactivate if they're neither topped up nor used...

Thanks for your reply. I'm afraid that is not the problem. I have 2 mobile phone contracts, one I created online and another created through the hotline. I want to cancel the first one... because I don't need 2 phone and another sim card

You have to initiate a revocation with the order and / or contract number of the unwanted order. You can do this using the contact form in MeinVodafone if you are still within the 14-day withdrawal period. Otherwise you now have 2 contracts for 24 months.