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Access to invoices for mobile contract


Could you please help me gain access to the invoices for my mobile contract?

I have the MeinVodafone application, but it requires the customer password from me that I do not have and in the contract it is replaced with *****. When I try to reset it, it forwards me to a page that says:

Thank you


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This customer password was initially set by you creating your contract - it has nothing to do with the password you use for the webpage login. And for security reasons, you are not able to unveil this password online - as it is an additional security step so that someone with your credentials still cannot make (unwanted) changes to your contract.


The only way to change that password in case you do not know it anymore would be using the InfoDok 265.

Thank you for the info.

So what should I do to gain access to my invoices? I do not know this password.

If you would have simply followed the link, then you would have got the form that you need to print, fill out and then send to Vodafone in order to (re)set a new customer password.

After this has been processed, you can use this new password later on...

I see.

And can I just receive my mobile contract invoices per email and on the website - same way as I receive my cable internet invoices? 

Yes, once the contract is registered completely and authenticated using that customer password (as it authenticates you as contract owner - contrary to SMS codes just authenticating you as user of the contract but not necessarily as owner), you can access your invoices online and as far as I remember, at least set an email notification once a new invoice has been placed in your online account.