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Account issues (sorry, English, German is not fluent enough yet)

Dear people on the Vodafone Community forum,


I'm a Belgian working in Germany. My apologies for writing this message in English, but my German is not good enough yet to explain my situation. I recently moved within my German city and I needed a private internet connection for the first time in Germany. I currently have internet from Vodafone, the connection works.

However, I might have severe account issues and I'm kind of at a loss at how I can actually solve my issue...


One big mistake my new place made, was giving us a wrong address on the inital contract. The given address is technically on the same lot, but the actual address is one number over. So this address was given as the inital location of the internet. As a whole bunch of things already went wrong related to the move and demanded my attention, I opted to let things move forward for the internet and fix the address detail later. This might have led to the initial letter never reaching me (with the code for registering).


When I ordered the internet, I registered an account. I set a username and password. I verified my e-mail address. 
My e-mail address seems fine, as I have received all communication for the order of the internet connection.
Then, a week later, I tried to log in to my account. It didn't work.
Going through my e-mails, I saw there was an e-mail that allows you to log in without data to see the progress of your order. I thought my account didn't work yet due to my order not being finished yet.
Then, when I set up my modem/router and could see on the progress page that every step was completed, I tried logging in again. Nothing. Data doesn't seem to be right.

So, I do the most logical thing: I click "forgot password". No e-mail arrived.
I tried this a couple of times, but no e-mails seem to arrive.

I tried the option to get the user name via e-mail (maybe I mistyped while creating the account). Nothing.
I tried using the SMS option. Nothing (my phonenumber was right, as Telekom used it to communicate with me for setting up the connection and I never provided it to them, so it came from Vodafone).


Past Saturday, I tried calling customer support. I managed with my broken German, but it wasn't easy for me. During the call, it became clear the customer number checks out. So I'm known in the system.
What it then led to, was resetting my password. The service provider reset my password. I got introduced to formal German letter spelling for the first time (I didn't know what I was hearing). But the service provider asked me to repeat the password and I had it right.

[Side note: I found it weird that in order for me to verfy myself, I had to give pieces of my password. But asking to double check the username? Ow no, they can't tell you that. I could be anyone. I'm a tech person myself, it's a little concerning that people have access to the actual password - I would expect it to be stored obfuscuated this day and age. The password should be the hidden part, not the username...]

So I tried to log in again. Nothing. I tried every possible combination of the reset password. I just can't seem to log in to my account...

Is there anyone who can help on how I can clear up this mess? 

If you would be wondering how I'm posting to this forum: I used an alternative e-mail address and made an account just so I could pose this question.


As Germany is a paper-first country, I fear I might be getting my first invoice by paper, but due to the address being the wrong one, it not arriving and getting hit on my credit-score for being a "bad payer". I do hope the invoices come to e-mail by default.


Here's hoping someone can help me out.

Kind regards,

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Seit 08/22 Ist ist dies ein reines Kunden helfen Kunden Forum. 

Du musst dich an die offiziellen Kontaktstellen wenden.

Why am I not surprised I'm getting a bog standard message, not even in English...
I contacted customer service already, did my best to get things fixed in German. Red tape has prevented me from knowing for sure my stuff is correct.
I'm getting a red tape answer here.

My intention was more to know if there would be other people who experienced the same thing and to know what they did. I'm asking help from the community. Not a solution to my account problem but to know if other people have a more defined way of approaching this problem.

I guess I'll just keep banging my head against the wall untill one of the two just breaks.