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Vodafone Homespot login never does work

Greetings all,

As usual there have been many threads under this same problem since years but I guess it was never solved and the problem still continues. 


I moved in to a new apartment and I am still waiting for my Vodafone Internet Connection (contract for which was signed a month ago) and due to lack of internet I choose to buy a hotspot ticket after connecting to Vodafone Homespot (WiFi name) available in my apartment. 


Me, being naive, I buy an entire weekly ticket over the weekend, using the guest login hoping that it would work nonetheless (it should but it doesn't) It works on Friday, Saturday and Sunday midnight, my phone would not connect to the WiFi. 


I then buy another weekly hotspot ticket, this time after making a hotspot account. It works through Sunday midnight, into Monday morning. I leave for work and return home and the hotspot doesn't work, it doesn't connect automatically, requires a sign in. But this time around, I thought it would be easy as I already have a login. I try logging in, it doesn't accept my username and password. I keep trying, doesn't work. I take a nap, by the time I am awake the phone is magically connected to the hotspot and it is working. 


Fearing the disconnection, I still gather courage and venture outside for my daily walk, I return and I am disconnected again, unable to login the entire night. Same problem again, the username and password is not accepted. The first thing I do, tuesday morning, find myself writing this post. 


Interestingly enough, when I go to 'Buy Hotspot Ticket' panel and there I make use of 'Login' function, I can always login without 'Username or password incorrect' prompt. I don't know what's the problem, I hope it can be solved or I get my money back. 


Also, I can't attach screenshots, because the upper limit is 333KB and to resize the image on a Tuesday morning is too much for me!!!

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Hi JigneshD,

that doesn't sound so nice. Please accept my apologies for all these complications. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide individual support here via the forum, as we can't request any data.


Feel free to contact us via one of the other channels. (e.g. via Facebook / Twitter by direct message).

Best regards


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