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Gigacube cancellation when device is not recieved

I ordered gigacube young on 03.05.2021. But due to delivery issue the DHL paket was sent back to vodafone and I did not recieve it. I already called customer service and they told it is okay to order again. I created another order from my friend and I am currently using the gigacube. But I recieved a bill of 56.66 euro for my first order which is not delivered to me. Therefore I went and cancelled it in mein vodafone on 13.05.2021. But now it is showing
"Gekündigt zum 02.05.2023
Dein Vertrag läuft nur noch 718 Tage!"
Does this mean i will be charged till 02.05.2023? Or does this mean my contract is cancelled now. I have not even recieved the first order. Please help me in this.
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It means the contract is in cancelled state - but to the end of the minimum term in May 2023. And this also means that you'll have to pay until that day if you do not withdraw explicitly from the contract using the methods stated in the withdrawal form.


Just not fetching the package and/or a package being returned due to issues on your side does not constitute a right for a premature cancellation, nor does it explicitly declare that you want to withdraw -- it's more that you could have asked for the device to be sent to you a second time.

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I called customer care to ask if it is okay to order again. They told i can order again. Therefore i ordered from my friends account and we are currently using the gigacube device.
It has only been a few days. Gigacube also has a thirty days guarantee period until which we can cancel it right. What is the process to cancel in this situation. The device is already back with vodafone.
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