Wrong date for contract termination.

Hi Sir or Madam,


I came here after I have used my poor German to ask your colleague on the hotline. However, he can nott give an answer to me.


I check my contract from the web potral today. However, by chance I found some thing strange there. It says:


-Frühestmögliches Vertragsende:23.12.2021

-Letztmöglicher Kündigungseingang bis:22.11.2021


This is not correct. My contract ends next year instead of next month. You colleage at hotline just told me that my contract will be ended in next May. But he have no idea with this information on my portal.  I do want a automatic extension of my contract due to this error.  Can you  give me an explaination for this as soon as possible?!!!

Thank you.



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Here is the final status of my case. I have successfully terminated my current contract. It will end in 01.2021. The new law and the change of the portal brought some misunderstanding in the beginning. If I  had started to deal this issue after 01.12.2021, everything should be simpler.  


Considering the good offer from vodafone and the very kind customer service here, I had an extension of my contract of another 2 years. Thanks a lot again to Torsten. Have a nice day !

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 I do NOT want a automatic extension of my contract due to this error. Sorry for the missing 'NOT'. As today is the last date for termination which is given by the portal by mistake (I think). I wish some one can confirme the issue with me today.


Hi VincentH,


I´m sure we´ll find a quick solution!


Please DM me including your mobile phone number + customer password (Kundenkennwort).

I´ll have a look at your contract.


And please tell me the reason for your questions.

Do you want to take a new mobile phone? Or you want to leave us?




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There is a change in the law on December 1st, 2021. This means that Internet & Phone and/or mobile phone contracts can be canceled on a monthly basis after the minimum contract period has expired. Since one thing in a large company like Vodafone is that the IT cannot be converted to the same from now on, this has already been entered into the system. I. E. From December 1st, 2021, you can cancel your contract with a notice period of 1 month, since the 24-month minimum contract period has expired.

Thank you so much Torsten. You have given me a very possible explaination and I learnt some new about the law. I check the portal again. It changed again. The lastest termination date changed to today, and the end of my contract became one month later accordingly. This interesting phenomenon can be connected to your explaination. I have sent my termination request yesterday anyway. Let's see what will happen. Have a nice evening.

If you sent the notice today, however, the old term and the notice period of 3 months at the end of the term will still apply. Thus, a contract will not be terminated until May 14, 2022.
The change in the law will only apply from December 1st, 2021.

Thanks a lot for the further reply. Do you mean that I have to asking for termination again after 1st December if I want a termination in advance than May 2022? Or there is no way to terminate my contract until May 2022?

OMG. I have a conspiracy theory as below:


Vodafone changed the latest termination and ending date of my contract to wrong ones. This led me to send the termiation request immidiately. However, the new law will on be actived after December.  As I sent the termination request before 1st December, new law won't apply to my case. My contract still ends in next May. And I have lost the chance to send my termination on 1st December and end it from Janurary 2022. 


I hope I am totally wrong and thinking about vodafon in a mean way (I have my bad experience in another story when last time vaofaon extented my contract).


Anyway, I have keep a screen shoot (and screen record vedio) of the portal with the wrong dates when I sent the termiation. Let's see if I will need the help of a lawer to use these evidence.





Hi Vincent,


Let me shed some light on this.


You have a contract with a minimum term.


The changes in the termination process therefore only take effect once the minimum term has expired.


At the earliest from 01.12.2021.


If your minimum term ends in May 2022, the 3-month notice period will continue to apply.


Now an example: if you do not terminate the contract, you can terminate it in June in July.If we receive your notice on 15.06.22, the contract ends on 14.07.22.


Has the new procedure become clearer now?


Many greetings,



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Hi Sandra,


Thanks you very much for the clear reply. I understand the situtation under the assumption that I have a contract with a minimum term. However, this assuptiom might be not true. It even reminds me some very bad experience which I metioned in my former reply but I didn't tell the whole story. Now I think it is necessary to tell the story as it is relate to this 'miniumum term contract' assumption.


I started my first 24-month contract from July 2017 with vodafon. The hotline guy called me (even well English speaking) in March or April 2019 to persuade me to stay with vodafon. He explained to me very clearly that I can extend my contract for two more years. In the first year, I can use 500 cable will a discount price. In the second year, the price goes to normal. I accpeted that. He started to read the contract in German and ask me just say 'ja' to finish the agreement on contract. I put the date for terminating this extended contract to my calendar (Feb. 2021). However, when I check my portal in Feb. 2021, it shows like what I posted here. My contract became THREE YEARS?! I called the hotline again (only German-speaking), and the lady told me  that my contract only ends in 2022. 


Now, my question is on my contract (the extended one) started from May 2019. What is exactly about this contract? Is it a 2-year contract and vodafon has automaticly extended my contract with unclear reason for another year? If yes, can I terminate my contract after 01.12.2021? Or is it originally in three years? If yes, is this normal? Why is it different from the English hotline guy explained to me? Do you still have the phone record as it normally announced?