Wrong date for contract termination.

Hi Sir or Madam,


I came here after I have used my poor German to ask your colleague on the hotline. However, he can nott give an answer to me.


I check my contract from the web potral today. However, by chance I found some thing strange there. It says:


-Frühestmögliches Vertragsende:23.12.2021

-Letztmöglicher Kündigungseingang bis:22.11.2021


This is not correct. My contract ends next year instead of next month. You colleage at hotline just told me that my contract will be ended in next May. But he have no idea with this information on my portal.  I do want a automatic extension of my contract due to this error.  Can you  give me an explaination for this as soon as possible?!!!

Thank you.



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There is a notice period of 3 months at the end of the term, this will only change from December 1st, 2021, then the notice period will be reduced to 1 month according to the law (TKMoG). However, if you cancel beforehand, the 3-month period will of course still apply.
When it comes to the deadline, it always depends on the receipt of the notice of termination, not on the sending of the notice. If your cancellation is received late, the contract has been automatically extended by a further 12 months, this will also change on December 1st, 2021. When the minimum contract period of 24 months has expired, you can then terminate the contract at any time with a notice period of 1 month.


Hi Torsten.

Thanks for the reply again.  As I understand correctly, vodafon just made my conspiracy theory to truth. 

Vodafon changed my termination dates to wrong ones on 23.11.2021 when I checked my contract on the portal as below (as I pasted in the original post, screenshot and record has been made) :


Vertragsbeginn: 14.05.2019
Frühestmögliches Vertragsende: 23.12.2021
Letztmöglicher Kündigungseingang bis: 22.11.2021

Therefore, I send my request for termination immediately on that day to avoid an automatic extension of one year. Today, I got this in the portal:


Vertragsbeginn: 14.05.2019
Frühestmögliches Vertragsende: 30.12.2021
Dein Produkt wurde gekündigt zum: 14.05.2022

Then I lost my chance to terminate my contract in advance, for example ending the contract on 01.01.2022 if I send the request on 01.12.2021.  


Everything went to wrong due to the misleading modification by vondafon in the portral. I hope I can get a reasonable solution. I want to terminate my contract with vodafon as soon as possible after being a customer nearly 5 years. Thanks.


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You can definitely give notice of termination again from December 1st, 2021, which will then take effect on January 1st, 2022, because your minimum contract period has expired.

Thanks a lot for this quick reply. Then, I will try it again on 1st December. I will come back to report the process. Have a nice day.

I got the feedback regarding my second request of contract termination sent on 01.12.2021. In the request, I explained my right (according to the new law) terminate my contract in one month, e.g. 23.01.2022. I even attached the discussion under this post.  However, the staff in Vodafon didn't seem to have read my request carefully or just simple ignored my words. I received the same feedback as previous one. The date remains as before. My contract only ends on 24.05.2022. No explaination at all.


Can I get any support here to terminate my contract? I think this is achiveable accoridng to some other posts. I can not image that I have to communicate with the hotline guy with my poor German to explain to him about the new law and my right and freedom.


I really appricate you help. 

You must first withdraw your existing termination. Once this has been confirmed, you can submit a new cancellation, which will take effect one month after Vodafone has received it.
You are just not allowed to accept an extension of the contract, only the withdrawal / deletion of the termination and the continuation of the previous contract.

Hi Torsten,


Thanks for the reply again. How could I withdraw my previous termination? Can I use the same contact formular which I used for the previous request (https://kabel.vodafone.de/kontakt/formular)? Or do I have to call the hotline?



No, you don't have to call the hotline, you can simply use the contact form.

Thanks for the reply. The request has been sent. I might come back again if there is futher issue.

Here is the final status of my case. I have successfully terminated my current contract. It will end in 01.2021. The new law and the change of the portal brought some misunderstanding in the beginning. If I  had started to deal this issue after 01.12.2021, everything should be simpler.  


Considering the good offer from vodafone and the very kind customer service here, I had an extension of my contract of another 2 years. Thanks a lot again to Torsten. Have a nice day !