What is the minimum speed for the Red Internet & Phone 500 Cable?

Good evening,


I want to know the minimum and average speeds for the Red Internet & Phone 500 Cable plan.


It would be helpful to know if my plan includes Drosselung. I measured multiple times via Breitbandmessung App using a LAN connection (in the morning, during lunch, after lunch and at midnight), and it was never 500 mbit.


I enabled Bridge Mode to remove any issues caused by the router. I use a certified cat 8 ethernet cable and Apple AirCapsule as the main Ethernet router only (no WIFI)


Just to have some nice stats to represent the performance:

- 35 Mbit Download (D)/2 Mbit Upload(U) during the night

- 120 Mbit D / 5 Mbit U - in average

- 250 Mbit D / 15 Mbit U - the rarest peak (only if the moon is in proper phase and all neighbours are on vacation) 


A year ago, I paid 100 Euro to get an expert from Vodafone to optimize the speed, with no tangible outcome. They said Vodafone only provides a speed guarantee for internet for the router connection. I use the Vodafone station (CGA4233DE) 


Could you please help me to understand if Vodafone provides only "marketing" 500 Mbits?


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Hi olgaors,


if you have the 500MBit/s plan, you should get the full speed all the time. Let us check the connection. Please send me your name, address, day of birth and customer number by PN. Please also let me know here if you have sent the message.


Kind regards


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