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Vodafone cable modem not working in new apartment

I have recently moved to a new apartment within the same building and my Vodafone cable modem (Vodafone station) fails to connect to the internet in the new apartment. 

I have taken the following steps so far:

  1. I have connected it to all available sockets and confirmed from my landlord that the cable sockets were operational before the apartment handover. None of them work for me.
  2. I reported the move via Vodafone online service. (the new address is the same as the old except the floor, I don't know if that should impact anyway).

I am out of options at this stage and considering to go to a Vodafone shop nearby to explain my situation and see if there is a step to be taken from Vodafone's side to enable my internet in the new apartment?

I am not sure if this is the reason or the sockets generally have an issue. Can anyone please guide what would be the best way to get some support on testing if the issue is with the sockets or a vodafone configuration needs to be done to register my device at the new apartment. 

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If the online check says that a connection should be available at the location, report to Vodafone that „self-installation failed“, a technician will be sent. For contact with Vodafone use one of the official channels, WhatsApp would be the best chance, but keep in mind that support in English is not guaranteed. Don‘t go to a local store! Most of them are not operated by Vodafone but by independent agencies, which make their money with selling contracts and are *not* part of the support system. You might come out of the store with another contract that you neither need or want.