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Termination of contract


I have been trying to terminate my contract with Vodafone for the last couple of days. I have emailed the cancellation form, I was told they could not do it that way. I called and was directed to the community forum. I also went to Vodafone shop. I was given a termination letter to email to the customer service email. Then once again was directed to the Whatsapp hotline, I do not speak german. I did my best to use a translator to try to communicate through the Whatsapp but knowing it is an automated system trying to help me. Can I please get some assistance on trying to terminate my contract? Thank you. 

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In which federal state do you live? In North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessen and Baden Württemberg you can simply write an email to customer service, in the rest of Germany you have to either send the cancellation using the contact form in MeinVodafone or MeinKabel or write a (registered) letter to the address given on the invoice.


Thank you for the response and help. I live in the Kaiserslautern Rheinpfalz area. I did email them the cancellation form and a letter with the proper information to I have also used the WhatsApp to try to cancel and I have not gotten anywhere with that route. Thank again. If you have a solution for this I would highly appreciate the help.


First Email reply after sending the contract form. 

Dear Customer,


Unfortunately we are not able to help you in this matter.


leider können wir Ihnen in Ihrem Anliegen nicht behilflich sein.


Please contact the pertinent office directly under:


The second email using the letter provided by Vodafone shop employee:


Dear customer,


unfortunately we are not able to help you in this case.

We can only support you if you have problems with a Vodafone hotspot ticket.


You would need to contact Vodafone's general customer service:, by phone or via WhatsApp.

Save the 0172 121 72 12 in your mobile phone and send us your request via the messenger.






You are in the area of ​​Vodafone Deutschland / ex-Kabel Deutschland. There is no email address for customer service. You have to use the contact form in MeinVodafone or MeinKabel or send a (registered mail) letter to the address given on the invoice.
Unfortunately, everything else does not work.


May I know how did you you do that? Im in same situation, i signed the contract for 1000mb internet but maximum speed is 300mb if the service be connected!!!! today I only was connected 2hrs totally no stable connection around 3 months and still cannot find a solution for termination. I sent emails to different departments and only got same answer just passing to another departments

please let me know your procedures or it would be great if you did any official complaint then I can follow or refer to that

Since the TE has not reported back, I close here now. If you have any questions or concerns, simply open a new post in the appropriate board. Please note, however, that direct support is no longer possible here. It is best to read this article.