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Status of my order

Hello. More than a week ago I ordered a Vodafone DSL connection to my new address. I am new customer, I didn't have any contracts before. Vodafone sent me order confirmation to my email and my phone with a customer number.

Today, I got an SMS from Vodafone asking me to check my order status, but the link in the SMS doesn't work. And if I go to "My Vodafone" page and try my customer number, it tells me that it's wrong, tho it was working 3 days ago. Whenever I try to get help, the phone assistant only speaks German.

If it's this hard to just learn status of my order, then I assume it will be horrible in the future when I have any problem. Do you know if I can already stop my contract (I haven't signed anything yet) and switch to another provider?


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Hi @turanmahmudov ,


Thank you for your message. 🙂


Let's take a look at the current status of your order together. For this we need some more information from you. Please be so kind and get in touch with us via one of these contact channels.


Kind regards,


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