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One week and 10 calls to support, there is still no internet. Also we are charged double sum

We have recently moved to a new place. We have ordered a move via a call to support and we were told that intenet should work in the new place. However, there is no internet. We are trying to solve this problem for already a week. We have called support multiple times but they are unhelpful. Sometimes they told us that we have to wait. Sometimes that they told us that they cannot find our customer number. Sometimes they refuse to talk in English and just hung up without even trying to understand our basic German or try to explain something using basic German.

We are despreate. And it is so painful that at any point they can just say "nur Deutch" and hung up. I don't think that everyone has an obligation to speak English but then, please, provide a way to communicate via email so we could use a dictionary or google translate. Not allowing this is just cruel.

To make things worse we are now charged both for our old place a new own. So we have no internet but pay for 2 internets. And to resolve this double paying problem, one of course have to call to support and hear "nur Deutch" or "we have no idea what is happening".


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Hello knowhow,

I'm sorry that you can't use your contract in the new apartment yet.

My colleagues on Facebook and Twitter will be happy to help you and find out exactly what's wrong.

You can find out how to contact them in this article.


Best Regards


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