No cable in house, still in contract

Hi, I am English speaking and have been advised to try in here to ask for help.


i received my router from Vodafone in September 2023, I plugged it in as per the instructions and it didn’t work.


Since then I have had 2 separate engineers visits and both stated I have no cable or DSL connection in my property and I have had Starlink for my internet.


i have rand customer service hundreds of times, and sent a letter informing Vodafone to cancel my contract, my equipment was return ed to Vodafone at the end of September 2023 and I’m still being charged for it plus the monthly contractual payment.


its so frustrating that we will now have no choice but to seek legal advice.


anything you can do to help would be great as this has been dragging on for nearly 8 months now and the customer service has been disgusting so far.

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Hi @James0308 


If there is no cable or DSL connection in the house, it should not be a problem to cancel the connection. It's best to contact us via WhatsApp so that we can check this out.


Best regards

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