Letter to downgrade

Hello everyone,

I received a letter today from Vodafone that I did not truly understand. 

I have the Red Internet 1000 Cable and the letter, from what I understood is saying that my contract is 100 cable? I then scanned the barcode and it said order submitted.

I am new to Germany and not very experienced with German. Could someone help me understand what happened?


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It looks to me like when you ordered your 1000 connection it came with the option to downgrade it to a slower (and cheaper) connection after 6 months. To use that option one has to order that switch within the first 6 months - did you do that? That would explain the new minimum contract time of 18 months stated in the Vertragszusammenfassung (order overview). With the scanning of the QR code you confirmed that order and Vodafone will process it. If you did not order this switch, you need to contact support quickly! To do that in english, use the social media channels listed here, it can not be done via this customer-to-customer forum:



Hey @Peter_Co thank you for your response.

Do you think if I pass by the store where I got my contract they would be able to fix it for me? As they do speak english

The local stores are usually not run by Vodafone but are operated by independent 3rd parties and mostly sell contracts. They are not part of the support system, so they are very limited in what they can do. I would strongly recommend to use one of the official support channels.

I sent them a Twitter message now hopefully they respond in time.

it's so weird that all it takes is a scan of a qr code to downgrade a contract though... anyway thank you for the help