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English help required: poor GigaZuhause quality

Hello. I am the customer of Vodafone GigaZuhause and I concluded a contract more than a month ago. The quality was mainly ok, but this week it was really unbearable. Multiple disconnections and I had to disconnect and reconnect modem multiple times to make it work with long connection waiting time. I also work from home and constant troubles with internet do not work for me. I have saved the internet logs from the modem. By the way, I have received device with the signs of usage with only the LAN cable and no coaxial in the box. Moreover I don't use home phone or cable TV, so these functions in the modem are just useless. I have now submitted the ticket to cancel the contract and switch to fiber from Tcom. Please kindly assist me with in this question.

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You are in a customer-to-customer forum, no individual support is available here. For support in English use the Twitter/X or Facebook contacts listed below. You need to report a service disruption and support will work on solving the problem. As I understand it, your contract just started, therefore you will not be able to just cancel it, you are stuck with it for 24 months. Only if Vodafone can not fix the problem in a timely manner (and the cause of the problem is to blame on Vodafone) you have a chance of a special early termination.


@vabo  schrieb:

Moreover I don't use home phone or cable TV, so these functions in the modem are just useless.

Whether these functions are useless or not - if they are part of your contract, you have to pay for them nevertheless if you use them or not.


@vabo  schrieb:

I have now submitted the ticket to cancel the contract and switch to fiber from Tcom.

You can cancel the contract at first after the minimum contractual term (usually 24 months) is over.

Well, I saw the Vodafone moderators answering others. I am trying to report the service disruption but no luck at the moment.

I think you didn't get me right: I don't have telephone or cable TV subscription that is why I say these functions in the modem are useless and they can't be switched off in the settings of the Fritzbox. I can cancel the contract if the service is not satisfactory and in this case triple day restarts of the router is the case and I don't want to pay for the service that I didn't receive.


Nope, you cannot cancel the service if you are not satisfied or if you don't use them - you can cancel the service to the end of the minimum term, that's it.


And reporting a service disruption has to be done using the official contact ways -- this forum neither is nor ever was such an official contact way. And at least from August '22 on, there is no service in here anymore.

If you have an internet contract, phone is *always* included, Vodafone does not offer internet-only contracts. If you don‘t have a tv subscription then what‘s the problem? You don‘t pay anything, and turning off a setting just because you don‘t need sounds kinda weird. And no, cancelling isn‘t that easy, you *have* to give VF a chance and some time to fix problems. That‘s the law.

Wow, by your logics, if the internet is not working you still have to pay for 24 months? - That is really smth weird.

Well, could be, but, nothin weird, just a cable modem, without any other options could work better in my opinion and as per my previous experience. Also, can you please send me the link for this law? Thanks.

Try reading and *understanding*! You have to *first* report the problem in the proper way - how to do that was told you here already. *After* that happened you have to give Vodafone time (usually up to 2 weeks) and opportunity (for example access to the house connection point) to fix the problem. Only if VF does not fix the problem (and it actually is within the area of responsibility of Vodafone and for example not caused by problems with the installation within the house) there are ways to an early termination. If there is a *total* interruption of service you have a right for financial compensation (again only if Vodafone responsible for it - not if for example a 3rd party destroys a cable during road construction).

Again: everything *starts* with correctly reporting the problem!