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Constant lack of connection stability

Hello. I write here before i decide to terminate the contract for cable internet with vodafone to see if there is possible solution to this problem. We have 500 mb cable internet at home and when we use it in for example online gaming or other activities, there is such a significant delay and ping jumps from 20-30 to 300!! it happens all the time. Most of the times it its during the day then the connection stability is horrible.  All the speedtests always look perfect with 10 ping or 7 shown on each but in reality ive never seen such a number and experiencing great delay everyday. Is there anything we can do to boost the stability of the connection to achieve the low delay as vodafone speedtest suggests or is it just common issue with cable internet from this company? 

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Hello Qbanos24,


I am very sorry that you are having problems with your internet connection.


It concerns LAN and WLAN? Have you ever tested another coaxial cable? Have you ever checked it or tried the network wizard?


Feel free to contact us via Facebook/Twitter, where we also provide English-language support. We will then request your data and check the connection.


Greetings Jana

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