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Change in cable contract-BW


I have recently exprienced a absolut confusion for a contract change after moving to a new flat. I asked a Vodafone shop (in BW) and they offered another contract and DSL (although it was previously Cable and I was so happy with that) as they thought many people using cable in the new area. Therefore they arranged sending new devices and a visit by techinician from Telekom to install the DSL. I called the customer service before a visit by technican and they told me that the change to DSL is nonesense, as it cannot meet the speed mentioned in the contract anyway. Then the person in customer service suggested the same cable contract that I already had in my previous flat. Now I am still receving bills for all contracts and it is not clear that other contracts have cancelled or not. I would be grateful if you could provide a support on this. Moreover, I am not sure how I should return the previusly used and unused devices (I got no information neither from the Vodafone shop nor the Vodafone customer serivce).


Many thanks for your reply.


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You were most likely tricked by that store into starting a new, additional contract, for them to get the provision from Vodafone (the stores are not operated by VF but by independent 3rd parties who make their money by selling new contracts - they are NOT part of the VF support system).


When you move, the contract automatically moves with you. The correct way is to report the move to Vodafone (via the web portal or another official support channel, for support in English use Facebook or Twitter). VF then checks if your existing contract can be continued at the new location. If that is the case, you simply plug in your modem at the new place. If not, VF will end the contract.


Now you are in a nasty position. That DSL contract was signed in a store, so you have no right of revocation. If your old cable contract is running for more than the minimum contract time, you can cancel it by month - but you are stuck with the DSL contract.


I would recommend to contact support via these Facebook or Twitter contacts, tell them that you were tricked by the store and hope they will let you out of that DSL contract, so you can keep your prefered cable contract: