Cable not possible - how to switch to DSL or cancel contract?


I'm having trouble getting to english speaking customer service, so I'll write my question here.


I ordered a cable fritzbox for my newly rented apartment. I got the fritzbox, tried to connect it - it did not work, so I called customer service and they'd sent me a technician. He checked everything, and he confirmed that cable won't work in my apartment as they'd need to drill through the entire building to install the cable connection. Obviously, my landlord does not agree to that, and neither do other homeowners in this building. As per the technicians advice, I've ordered the 'installation' technician, so that he'd also confirm and then I'd have solid proof to cancel my contract. He was supposed to arrive yesterday, but then he didn't show up, so I called customer service and I'd been told that they can see that the homeowners association rejected the cable installation... So, I called other customer service, where a guy told me he will cancel my contract - but I received no e-mail yet? How can I be sure it's cancelled?

This leads me to a couple questions:

- Will my contract be fully cancelled now? Or will I still need to pay cable for 2 years? 

Or will my contract just be transferred to a DSL contract?

-Should I just order DSL now?

Which DSL should I order to be 100% sure that it'll work? The one with phone line or without? Do I need installation people to come install DSL?


I need internet urgently as I'm working from home...


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You can cancel contract. Feel free to make a DSL contract with the provider you like. You are not forced to use vodafone DSL.