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how to block specific websites in vodafone cable Internet

Hallo allerseits,
Ich verwende ein Kabelmodem von Vodafone (Seriennummer:
XXXXXXXXXXXX) für Kabelinternetverbindung.

Ich möchte einige Websites (z. B. als Kindersicherung blockieren. Es ist nicht möglich, jedes Gerät einzustellen (es ist Wahnsinn).

Ich suche nach einer Option entweder im Router oder im Vodafone-Konto. (oder eine Drittanbieter-Softwareinstallation mit Schritten)

Ich freue mich auf Ihre Hilfe.


Hi Everyone,
I am using a cable modem Vodafone station (Serial number:
XXXXXXXXXXXX) for cable internet connection.

I want to block some websites (for eg. as parental control. It's not possible to set in every device (it's madness).

I am looking for an option in either router or in the Vodafone account. (or some third-party software installation with steps )

looking forward to your help.


Edit: @Jaykumar_Javiya  Moved to the correct board. Serial number removed. Best regards Kurtler

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There is no such functionality in the Vodafone Station as this is a very basic router.

Only advanced routers like the HomeBox (also sold as FritzBox) does incorporate such functionality.


Or you install third party software - but that is far beyond what Vodafone is responsible for or where you might get help in this forum. If you need help with the set up of such software, you will definitely have to get professional help on your own expenses.

thank you  reneromann  for your quick reply.

Just want to know that is it possible for me to upgrade my router to  HomeBox (also sold as FritzBox) with the same connection?



yes you can switch your cable router from the basic Vodafone Station to a HomeBox via the following website: Router-Wechsel für Bestandskund:innen | Vodafone



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Is it possible to change IPV6 DNS server value in the Vodafone station voucher?

Currently, that field is read-only in my case. (Einstellugen --> WAN --> IPv6 DNS server)

is there any way to change it?


@Jaykumar_Javiya  schrieb:


Is it possible to change IPV6 DNS server value in the Vodafone station voucher?

No  😞

Hello @Jaykumar_Javiya ,

i'm not shure what you are looking for, but with the new FritzBox you can made some changes for the DNS Server as well. 


The question is more why? If you try as the original question to block some pages, will be fine to work with the FrizBox and configure a specific profile adding the blocked pages to a black list.

Look here for parental control features: