No Public IP on Bridge Mode

As I cannot speak German I decided to write instead of calling hotline. I hope you can help me.I have a problem with my Vodafone station( TG3442DE Wifi 5 version). When there are 20-25 devices connected at the same time I have drops from the internet for like 3-4 times a day (most of the devices are smart devices like alexa, mobile phone, tablet, cameras etc..). So I decided to buy a separate router to take the load from Vodafone station and bought Huawei AX3 WS7200 Quad core model. Current connection is Vodafone Station LAN1 to AX3 WAN port and I have disabled wifi on Vodafone station and not using also other lan ports . AX3 is also in router mode and not in AP mode. With this setup I have no more internet drops and everything is working, AX3 is getting Local IP. But as I am only using LAN1 and try take all load to AX3 I decided to activate Bridge mode on Vodafone station. After activating Bridge mode %90 of the times Vodafone station is not giving any IP address to AX3 . Station shows it is connected to internet with steady white leds but somehow it doesn’t give IP. AX3 is also on DHCP mode and not PPPoE. When I keep trying and restart Vodafone station at some point it just works and give Public IP to AX3 as expected and everything works fine but I need to make maybe 10-15 restarts in order to make it work which takes more than 1-2  hour. Can someone advice on that 


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would it be possible to test with another router?

I have Tplink Archer C6 lying around , it has really low specs  compared to AX3 but let me try and share results here