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Offer for customers

I've used this Kabel-Vodafon since Oct.2018, I pay 35 euro montlya for 100Mbps. 

A bunch of good offers at there, but it aims only for new customers, and no benefit for customers at the moment.


Is there any chance to get an offer? before terminiting the contract?

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Hello Aaron219381293


the community is purely a customer-help-customer forum.


The best way to do this is to write to our service team on one of the following channels.


The colleagues are happy to help.


Here it goes on:


* on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vodafoneDEservice


* on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vodafoneservice


Further contact options: https://forum.vodafone.de/t5/Vodafone-News/Euer-Kontakt-zu-Vodafone/td-p/1912292


Best regards,


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