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Currently I have a 1000Mbits package for 2 years. Vodafone offered me the first six months for 23 euros (original cost 60 euros) and after that they advised me to change my package to 250 Mbits which costs 48 euros per month. When I wanted to change my package to 250 Mbits on the 6th month, I was told that the package can be changed after nine months. Is it true that the package can only be changed after 9 months?

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Hello Muhammad-Areeb,


it always depends on your contract. The promotions used to be 6 months and now it's 9 months. You can read this in your contract confirmation. It will tell you how many months your tariff is cheaper. Please contact us 2-3 weeks before the promo expires. Otherwise it can no longer be changed.


Kind regards,


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