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No confirmation of termination even after repeated service requests and written request.


Hi Team,

It’s disappointing to be compelled to send repeated requests regarding the same issue with no UPDATE or ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from Vodafone's side.


I haven’t yet received the confirmation of the termination of my mobile contract which ends on September 16,2018. I do not want to renew it.


I've made 4 service requests  in a span of 3 weeks. I’ve made the request earlier through the following Vodafone Dialog IDs -

: 13388799001 Dated 29/05/2018

: 13408663001 Dated June 05, 2018

: 13427818001 Dated June 08, 2018 (with attached photo of the written request sent through post)

13438164001  (latest one, today)

and a written request\letter dated 08 June 2018 which you guys received on 09 June 2018.
(Deutsche Post Tracking Number : F1016433CA000004C373 )


However, you guys find it amusing not to give updates or follow ups to the requests. I’ve been a loyal Vodafone customer for the past 11 years and the worst service I ever received from the brand was during my past 19 months in Germany. I have to say this. I've lost the goodwill and faith Vodafone had instilled in me for 9 years before coming here (and signing up for Vodafone Germany)


I need a confirmation of my request and it’d great if Vodafone DE could stop spoiling the name and goodwill of such a great global brand.


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Calm down a bit...


From the legal part: Vodafone must not send you an update or acknowledgement of your cancellation - the only thing they need to do is to end the contract. They can do, but they must not do...

In case that Vodafone does not end the contract, you have to provide a proof that you have sent the cancellation to Vodafone and Vodafone received it in time (and as you've written, it seems you have such proof).


Normally, Vodafone will acknowledge the cancellation, but it can take some time as you will receive the cancellation acknowledge by "normal" mail. Taken into account that your first request has been placed two weeks ago (29/05/201, you might get the acknowledgement this week - but as I said, Vodafone must not send you an acknowledgement...

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Hey @TomTheLost,


i can check if he cancellation was succesfull.

Please send me you phone number and customer password via PN.



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Öffentliche Lösungen helfen allen – schreibt uns daher bitte einen Beitrag statt einer unaufgeforderten PN.
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Hi reneromann,

You've mentioned about receiving the acknowledgement via 'normal mail' whereas, Vodafone has mentioned the below in their website:

Sie bekommen sie per SMS auf Ihr Handy oder Tablet. In dieser SMS finden Sie eine Rufnummer für Ihre Rückfragen.

Haben wir Ihre E-Mail-Adresse, bekommen Sie Ihre Kündigungsbestätigung per E-Mail.

Gut zu wissen: Wir verschicken keine Kündigungsbestätigung per Post.

Doesn't the last part specifically mention that they don't send it by post? (I just used Google Translate. And I'm not quite sure about the credibility of the translation as I've often found myself in embarassing situation many times trying to speak German using that. Smiley (überglücklich) )


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