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Mobile and internet contract cancellation

I have done some extensive research before posting my questions here so bare with me please :). I see there are similar questions and marked as resolved. However, resolutions are not spelled out once the request is solved :).


1. I need to cancel my Internet contract. Where do I send the equipment? I have this "Rucksebdung" with DHL posting Vodafone gave me when they came to set up my Internet a year ago. Shall I just use it or Vodafone has to send me a posting?


2. I am moving abroad for sometime but I am not signing off from Germany, I would like to cancel my mobile contract, will I get penalised for canceling it early? I am not signing off with KVR so I won't have a confirmation that I am moving abroad. And how do I cancel my contract via mail? What's the address? What goes into a letter, contract id, phone number, reason of termination?


Thanks a ton!

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Der Ritter

Not too sure where you did your research...but there are numerous threads on here where the path you should be following is clearly described. 😉



In a nutshell:


Fixed network contract:  Cancelling the contract at the end of the regular contract period is possible no later than three months before the contract ends.  If (as I understand it) you would like to have the contract terminated prematurely, you need to provide Vodafone with official proof of your leaving Germany (de-registration, "Abmeldebescheinigung").  It's only then that the respective laws and regulations allow for an earlier-than-agreed-on termination.


Mobile network contract:  Moving abroad does not constitute any right to terminate the contract prematurely (as usage via international roaming is part of the T&Cs).  So this one might become a little (more) difficult.


Postal adress for cancellations (in written):  Can be found on your invoices.



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Thank you for the prompt response! I searched on English sources as my German is not that advanced and even called Vodafone 😉


Ok sounds like a visit to KVR is on order, my favourite activity 🙂


Still need information in where/how to send equipment and which mail to send it to. I have e-bills, hence don't have the mailing address for Vofafone. I found some generic mails but want to make sure they are correct ones.

May I suggest that before you send anything anywhere you should make sure that the (premature) cancellation will be accepted and processed?  There is not that much use in returning your hardware otherwise. 😉



Ein Klick auf "Danke" tut nicht weh - ich sage schon mal "Dankeschee!"

Achtung, es folgt eine Signatur: Wenn überhaupt, dann jammern wir auf einem extrem hohen Niveau.

Oh yes of course. I sent a few emails to Vodafone, but they are not responding so I was hoping I will get some answers here.



1. I did more digging on my Vodafone web account and found a link where I could send my inquiries.

a) Sent an inquiry on terminating my mobile contract (July 10/18)

b) Sent an inquiry about canceling my Internet service via (July 10/18)


2. A few days have passed and no answer. I decided to call Vodafone (July 12/18). 

a) I called 0800-172-1212 (if you want to get an English speaker say "operator") and talk to a representative about my mobile contract. He said I needed to send a letter to 40875 Ratingen with my account information. I asked him multiple times if I need a prove of me leaving Germany. He assured me they only need a letter from me. Then the representative put me in touch with a person who could talk about canceling my internet service.

b) Another representative called me back within a minute. The same information that I need to send a letter with a termination reason and no de-registration letter.


3. I sent two separate letters for Mobile Contract Termination and Internet Service Termination on July 13/18, stating my name, my contract info, customer number, date of cancellation, and a termination reason.


4. July 16/18, I finally get a response to my inquiry (Internet service termination) that I posted via my Vodafone web account. I got a PDF document, saying that Vodafone aknowledges my termination request. Please send your equpment to this address if you do not want to be charged. A rough translation:

"We point out that a proper termination is possible only at the end of the agreed contract period. If you wish to cancel at an earlier date, we will usually fulfill this request accordingly.

In this case, we reserve the right to charge a compensation payment if the technical requirements for the Vodafone service at your new location are met. The expected compensation payment is made up of the contractual residual maturity in months multiplied by the monthly basic fee less a discounting factor.

The compensation payment is listed on the final invoice.


You would like to take your connection to a new provider? Then please contact him early. He must commission the provider change with us. Detailed information can be found on
* You will receive at least one invoice after the end of the contract, with which we settle the services until the termination date.
* On the last page "All important data at a glance", we have listed your number (s) from which you can no longer make or call from 01.08.2018.
* Please send us your booking within 14 days after the termination date. Otherwise you have to pay for the device. " 


So at least I got some clarification on where to send the equipment !!!


5. July 17/18, I finally get a response to my inquiry (mobile contract termination) and it says the following:

"thank you for your e-mail. Please excuse my late reply.

I regret to hear that you want to end your subscription to our services.
Your contract lasts for a minimum of 24 months and includes a period of notice of three months before the end of the second year. If not cancelled in time, your subscription will be extended for one more year.  
Therefore the next regular cancellation date for your number _____ is May 21 2019.
If you intend to terminate your contract earlier, please provide your deregistration or a comparable document which proves that you will leave Germany. 
Please note that the fact that you will leave Germany is not necessarily a reason for a premature termination of your contract, as you can use the Vodafone-services worldwide. 
Please also note that a compensation payment will be charged in case of a premature cancellation. 
If a customer wishes the untimely ending of the contract, Vodafone suffers a financial damage for which we calculate a compensatory payment as follows: The monthly basic fee as well as the package price, from the point of termination up to the regular end of the contract term. We will deduct Euro 1 per monthly invoice for minor administration expenses and have taken the deduction of unaccrued interest p.a. into consideration. To effectively cancel your subscription, please reply to this mail including the following infos:
a. the phone number(s) to be cancelled 
b. your cancellation request along with your full name (first name and family name) - please note that only the contracting party can cancel the subscription
c. your residential address
(d). deregistration, future residential address and requested cancellation date (only if premature cancellation is intended)
For protecting your personal data, e.g. your customer password, simply contact us using the online site Your data will be sent via a secure connection. 
Alternatively, you can use the form available at
Simply fill it out, sign it and send it to:
Vodafone D2 GmbH
40875 Ratingen
or via fax: +49 2102 986575"
I am following up with Vodafone, on how much in penalties I have to pay them for an early terminatation of my Internet and Mobile contract. I pay for both services 100 euros a month and both of the contracts expire next year in April/May. Will I end up paying 900 euros? HAHAHA This has been an upsetting and stressful communication/experience. What do people do in their lives do they wait for their Internet and Mobile contract expiration before they move anywhere? HAHA I lived in Canada, USA, and Netherlands, and I didn't pay an early cancellation fee because I left the country. Maybe I am just not getting the right information or reading it wrong.
Next step for me: De-register in KVR,  send this letter via fax to Vodafone, and then jump from the bridge HAHAHA or open my own Telecom company.

Hi ialanskaia,


Thanks for detailling what has happened.


I'm sorry you feel frustrated about this situation.  


Thanks @Der Ritter for pointing out the essentials of a cancellation.


As regards charging a compensation for prematurely cancelling your DSL services, this does not apply if you move abroad. Deregistering is usually a prerequisite, however.


If any of the issues you addressed via e-mail remains unresolved, it's advisable you keep up the dialogue with your correspondent until all is settled. Should this fail, please feel free to contact me.


In any case, I hope you won't do anything rash - like jumping off high places or starting a telecom service of your own unless appropriate safety measures have been taken. Smiley (zwinkernd)


Have a nice weekend. Smiley (fröhlich)




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Thank you MichaM for your response and sympathazing with my case 🙂


@MichaM, I have deregistered at KVR yesterday, and contacted Vodafone via my Vodafone web account, it might take a week to get a response from them and my time in Germany is running out.


My DSL contract is on my husband's name, and he hasn't de-registered yet, but we obvisouly live in the same apartment and pay for DSL from our join bank account. Will my de-registration letter sufficient for Vodafone?


Thank you!

Hi ialanskaia,


Provided that your letter includes your husband's name as contract owner and that it states the relocation abroad as reason for a premature cancellation it should work. Smiley (fröhlich)




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Thank you @MichaM for a very prompt response. I really appreciate it.


I will send a letter and will await for Vodafone's response and then will update this thread.