Due to a technical problem I received a new contract which I didn't order

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Dear Vodafone Deutschland,


Because of the technical error of your system, I had a contract that I did not order. I ordered the extension of the current contract through a certain interface of the personal cabinet, by clicking the "verlängern" button (see screenshot). 


I was aiming to order a new tariff in Vodafone online website  (I have a contract with Vodafone since June last year, number is 173xxx) but because of this error it turns out that I have now a new contract. The second contract made by mistake (phone number 0162/xxx, contract number xxx).


Could you please have a look and clarify?


Thank you in advance!


Best regards,



EDIT @Margaryta: I deleted your personal data and the attached file. Please be careful with this informations in public.


Re: Due to a technical problem I received a new contract which I didn't order

Hey @Margaryta,


and welcome to our forum!


Please send my a PN with your customer details.

I will have a look at your issue.




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