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Re: Expose home server (NAS) over internet using IPv6 on Fast5460 modem

Hello everyone,


         First of all, please excuse me for posting in English. Deutsch is not my first language - so I feel it better to explain my question correctly in English. Coming to the issue at hand, I wish to expose my home NAS server over the internet. I have a DSLite connection with a Sagemcom Fast5460 modem. This means that I have only a public IPv6 address. My assumption is that IPv6 does not need port forwarding. However, I believe that the modem blocks external incoming requests using a IPv6 firewall. The modem configuration has a section for IPv6 port forwarding. I have opened a specific port range for my device using that section. But I cannot access these ports from the internet for my NAS IPv6 address (I tried the modem's IPv6 address also). I checked using a couple of online port scanners and all of them report the ports as FILTERED. I also disabled the IPv6 firewall and the other options under the "Advanced" section of the model configuration. But that also did not help. The ports are still reported as filtered. Am I missing something? It would be great if someone can help me out.


Many Thanks,


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Hi Sid16,


it's okay to write in English.


Do you want to access your NAT from a connection that might use IPv4? This could be a cause.


Do you use a mobile network or a fixed connection from outside?


Best Regards, Manu

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Hi Manu,


Thanks for getting back. Basically, I want to access my home NAS using a host name.


This following is my setup. I have created a few host names with a couple of DDNS providers ( & These two providers support creating host names with IPv6 addresses. I updated my host records with the IPv6 address of my home NAS. I also opened both my router & PC firewall to allow incoming requests on those ports. So now when I try to access my machine with it's host name (e.g., I expect it to reach my machine as that host name is mapped to my IPv6 address.


Since I have configured IPv6 port forwarding on my router, I was expecting port scanners to report the ports as CLOSED (if there are no open applications listening on those ports). But port scanners report the ports as FILTERED (i.e. blocked). I did a tracert6 (Traceroute for IPv6) online with my machine's IPv6 address. The tracert6 request does not reach my machine. Instead, it terminates at an IP which is shown as a Kabel Deustchland machine IP.


I have also read some threads on this forum about activating the Bridge mode on my modem (to get a public IPv4 address) and then using my own router. Is that a feasible solution?


Many thanks & Best Regards,


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