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cable internet disruption

I have my internet connectoin via cable on 21 august 2023. next day I got the following message that I am doing disruption on the network.



technician came to my appartment on 29 august 2023 and he done nothing he only changed the wall adapter and told me that nothing else he can do . I got a photo from his disply 

as you can see upload is very bad and I have a huge interference. So I asked a friend to call customer service for me because I cannot speak german and they told him that they will send another technician.
now, I got a message to reserve technician appointment and I have to pay for the visit.
why I have to pay for the visit ??
its not my fault the technician who came to the last visit couldn't solve the problem, so why I pay for another visit it is the same problem with the same ticket number and the last visit just made my connection slower than before .
I need to fix it within 5 days, because I have to decide in the first 14 days if I will continue or will end the contract.
please support

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Hello Hesham_Eltaher,


we moderators no longer offer individual support here via the forum.

But we are happy to help you. For this we need personal information from you.


Please contact us via one of the following channels:


Your contact to Vodafone - Vodafone Community


Facebook service page at

Twitter service page at

Or via WhatsApp chat at 0172 1217212


Network Assistant:


Thank you.

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