No internet for 2 days

Since 2 days I don't have internet . Yesterday the "phone" diod on router was blinking red all the time. Despite the fact that internet diod was white there was no internet all day. Today even though all diods are white the internet is still not working. I've tried everything, unplugged router from electricity, reset router etc and nothing helped. My neighbor contacted me as well that she has exactly the same problem. I wrote to Vodafone phone on WhatsApp business and I've got the info that there is no problems in my area. I also didn't receive any help through WhatsApp. Calling hot line is useless, either the lines are busy or technician hanged up on me because I don't speak German. Please, send the technician to me, or at least pick up the phone from one of my neighbors that have exact issue. It's ridiculous that during the times when everyone works from home Vodafone refuse to help. 
my customer number is: ***


Edit: Customer number removed

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Hi Julia39,


welcome to our Community.


Do you still have no internet? If yes, please send me a private message with the following information:


- your full name

- your full address

- date of birth

- customer number

- e-mail address

- the link of this thread


Please reply here when you have sent the private message.




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