No internet 68161 (Mannheim) since 13/12 01:00
  1. What exactly is disturbed (complete failure or speed restrictions)? Complete internet failure.
  2. What does the fault query say ? No internet, cannot use it.
  3. Have you performed a reset using the checklist ? Yes, does not help.
  4. Only in the case of speed problems : Did you do 3 speed checks  at different times (approx. 6 hours apart)? Yes, these do not fix when internet is down.
  5. How long has the problem existed? 8 hours.
  6. Has the connection already worked? Yes, it was working great in the last month's.
  7. What hardware do you use (e.g. EasyBox 804 / FRITZ! Box 7590)? Latest Vodaphone box (grey)
  8. Which LEDs light up in which color on your router? One blinking red light.
  9. Are the LEDs lit, flashing or pulsing? Yes.
  10. Have there been storms in your immediate vicinity in the recent past? No.
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Hello Duedudue,


I would like to have a look at your line and start an error analysis.

Can you please send me a PN with the following details:


Name of the contract holder

Date of birth

Street + house number

postal code + city


Customer number

current cell phone number


Please let us know here briefly, if you have written us a PN.


Many greetings,


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