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Internet not working during the day. Someone please help!

For two days now my internet has been out consistently from 9am - 9pm. I've reset my vodafone router multiple times as well as did the power down and up. several times. Nothing seems to work. The lights on my router are all white each time, but no connection is actually happening like normal. 

My german is not so good so I can't get through customer service on the phone and no one on facebook/twitter seems interested in helping at all. They just read my message and don't respond.

Can someone from vodafone help please? Please change my mind about your customer service. This is really interrupting my work day and causing major stress.

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Hi Roxanne

Can you please give us the following information:

•Which contract do you have? (e.g. Internet + telephone 100)

•Which modem/router do you use? (e.g. Hitron)

•Do you use a rental device from us or do you have your own device?

•Which error occurs? (Speed too low; Packetloss) Also send screenshots of speed tests (with date and time) and tracerts/pingplotter measurements in case of Packetloss or ping problems

•How is your device connected to the modem? (LAN; WLAN; additional router; PowerLAN)

•Which browser do you normally use? (e.g. Firefox)

•Which operating system do you have on your computer? (e.g. Windows)

•Beginning and period of the disturbance (e.g.: since the beginning of April; only in the evening)

•Upload a screenshot of the signal values. You can find these in the user interface of your cable router via or for the Fritzbox.

•In which federal state do you live?

Best regards


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