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DSL disruption for 2 weeks with zero communication



I lost internet access 2 weeks ago.  The initial service was very fast, with someone diagnosing the problem online, determining that it was multiple diconnections and an initial technician appointment being scheduled.


I waited the 6-hour window for the Technician to show, but noone appeared.  The website said that I needed to organise another technician to come out.  I don't  really believe that it's my responsibility, when the technician didn't turn up.  However I booked a second appointment for the following day, and again the person didn't turn up.  Calling a third time, I was given some data on my mobile phone, since 12 hours of hotspotting off my phone, trying to work, meant I'd run out of data on by phone and had been charged 20 EUR. for extra phone data, I waited a third day for a technician, who didn't turn up.  On calling Vodafione now a 4th time I was told it was a complex problem and someone would be in touch, and the customer service rep couldn't do anything.  Over a week has gone past and I have heard nothing from Vodafine, I still have no internet.  


Bundesnetzagentur says that they will only go in to arbitration if and when the customer has tried all methods to seek a solution.  So before I go to that process, I would like to know how I can escallate this issue in Vodafone, since the customer service route is a dead end.



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Best regards Kurt

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