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Internet Unstable - constant drop outs

Firstly, please forgive me for writing in English. 

I have had 50MB cable internet with coda phone since September 2022. Up until the last week of December 2022 the internet ran perfectly - but since then I having been experienced frequent drop outs on both LAN and WIFI.

I've raised the issue at least 4 times with vodafone and they send an engineer who said everything was ok in my apartment and with my router. I had a new wall cable sent, incase that was the issue but the problem still exists.


the speed is fine, when it's on I get the full speed I am paying for, but the frequent drop outs mean my devices take time to reconnect and this causes lots of frustration and interrupts my streaming and music listening.


I have tried playing around with ALL the available settings in the router log in page and none have consistent fixed the issue inc. band steering and seperateing 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
the latest investigation found a disruption to the network outside the property but it has been weeks since this has been highlighted.


So my request is, how can I expedite the repair to my buildings internet supply Or at least get a reliastoc timescale for when it will be fixed so I can manage my expectations!! ...Or, alternatively, how can I enact a contract termination on the basis of vodafone not supplying me with consistent internet supply/speed (i.e breach of contract on Vodafone's side) as I'm not prepared to put up with this bad internet connect any longer and I'm current only 6 months into a 24 month contract.

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Since August 15th, 2022 there is no more individual support here in the forum. Support in English is available via Facebook or Twitter.


Best regards Kurt

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