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Issue with my new Voldafone - GigaZuhause 50 DSL Internet connection

Hello All,

I am facing issue with my new Vodafone DSL internet connection that only specific websites are loading and specific websites not loading. Unfortunately in my location only DSL internet is possible so I have opted for Vodafone this time. Previously I had two years DSL internet connection from Telekom (Magenta Zuhause M) and everything worked perfectly fine. I was able to access all websites with no issues. Now after two year DSL internet contract I now opted for Voldafone (GigaZuhause 50 DSL). And from yesterday after the techniker have changed my DSL internet connection from Telekom to Vodafone I have started facing the issue.

I have already raised a ticket with Vodafone but it is still in progress. I have DSL Internet Router/Wifi box from TP Link (Model: TD-W9960v). Until yesterday morning I had DSL internet connection from Telekom with the same 50mbit speed and everything worked completely fine where I could easily access all websites using my DSL internet box from TP link. 

With this new DSL internet connection from Vodafone,

Following Standard Websites not working:

Including my company portal (which is very important for me on Monday)

And only the following standard websites are working:


Anybody have faced this issue and have any idea about how to resolve the issue. I have used the standard Username and password provided by vodafone for configuring my DSL router. I have also added images of my router configuration and system. Looking forward to kind support as soon as possible.


Details of my DSL router:


Some system Logs:

- Recv no OFFER, DHCP Service unavailable

- Send DISCOVER with request ip and unicast flag 1

- Send DISCOVER with request ip and unicast flag 0

- Send ACK to

Looking forward to any kind of support.

1 Antwort 1

Hello NAVR,

thank you very much for the summary. There could be a few reasons why you can't open some websites. We would like to take a closer look at this, so please get in touch via our social media channels ( Facebook PN or Twitter DM ).

Best regards

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