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Internet download and upload very bad (English or German doesn't matter can translate via google)

Last week I called the help center about very bad upload speed (on speed test it was 25-30mbits/s but download was OK) they asked me if I am on DSL or Cable, so answered DSL they said it will be better if I switch to Cable and the problem will be fixed they even opened a Disturbance ticket and sent me a new contract with new router for cable internet, whet I set everything up and did a speed test it got even worst it was around 1-2mbits/s so I checked the disturbance ticket every day after that in hopes that it will be fixed but yesterday I check again and the ticket is closed? So I canceled the contract and returned the router, I need someone to help me or send someone to fix the problem because it's like this from about 3-4 weeks and getting worst I will attach todays speed test which I made just now.

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Hey @CanyH,

 Please try to reset the Easybox to factory settings. That's how it works:

1) Use a pointed object (paper clip) to hold down the reset button (located on the back of the EasyBox) for 8 seconds until the LED lights flash.
2) Configure your Easybox with the modem installation code (MIC) via telephone.
MIC input via PC: Open your browser and enter "" in the address bar. Now enter the user name and password for access to the configuration interface. By default, the user name is set to "root" and the password is set to "123456". Start the configuration interface and log in. The welcome page will be displayed. Select "standard installation" and enter the modem installation code. Click on "Apply" to start the configuration.
3) The EasyBox reconfigures itself. This process can take up to 10 minutes. Important: Wait until the power LED is solid red. Note: It may happen that the power LED changes color several times. During this time, the device must never be switched off, otherwise it may be damaged.
4) The hardware reset is completed when the power LED, Internet / DSL LED, telephony LED and possibly the WLAN LED are lit.  



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Thank you Boris I did what you suggested but the problem is still here tried with new wifi adapter on my PC but it didn't improve the quality any other suggestions please? Thank you


Hey CanyH,

then we should take a look at your connection. You can contact us via one of our other contact channels such as Facebook or Twitter .  

Best regards,



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