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Frequent DSL Internet Outages in Berlin

For the last few months our Vodafone Festnetz DSL has frequent outages through work days and the weekend. My partner has tried to call through to Vodafone several times with no success.


We're based in Lichterfelde West, Berlin. We have a Fritzbox Router (7590) with the latest OS software and latest firmware. I've checked all the connections and cabling. Usually when it's down I can ping through to the router fine but nothing outside (not even the Vodafone DNS responds). Our DSL will go down for anywhere from 5-20 minutes, comes back up (sometimes for 5 minutes or less, sometimes a little longer), and again, and again. 😞


It's affecting my work and personal consumption of internet. I work for a software company so we often discuss internet problems in our work chat system. Vodafone gets a bad reputation from my colleagues for DSL. Those who had Vodafone DSL switched to other providers because of unstable internet.


It's affecting my partner, her work, and her zoom exercise calls. I've lost count of the number of times I sit with an open terminal window, watching ping commands endlessly dance up the screen, until I can finally say "it's back" so my partner can reconnect and continue the zoom call. Until: boom. It's down again. Frustrating is a mild word to use....


I'm a firm believer that anyone--and any company--can reprise themselves. So if you're reading this Vodafone: please address these problems.


p.s. Sorry for the English in a German forum. My German is not good enough to express myself in the way that I wanted. Danke. Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Tag! 🙂

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Hi Daten-Fan,


Im living in Munich and i have been complaining about the same to Vodafone since 4 months. I go through the exactly same process till i get a stable connection. This is also affecting my personal and professional life.looks like they doesnt seem to bother. Im planning to opt out of Vodafone once my contract time ends


Hey masheton,

i'm deeply sorry that the landline is not working to yours & our excpectations.
Frequent disconnects must not happen - especially in times of home homeoffice.

If your partner has called the hotline, i would expect that a technical ticket was opend.

Could you please send me a private message with your dslcustomernumber & mobilenumber?
I'll have a look into this.

Therefore please click on my name/avatar -> then the big red button on the right side "Diesem Benutzer eine Nachricht senden".



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