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DSL Internet intialization with MIC fails always with Timeout

Vodafone customer here, switching to a DSL connection with new contract. Cannot activate my internet connection and ends up in error "Zeitüberschreitung (Timeout) während des Einrichtungsvorganges" every time.


I have a Gigazuhause 250  DSL with a Fritz!Box 7530 AX.  On 22.01.2024 I received an SMS that the activation from Telekom has been done, and now I can do the router setup. I had all the MIC/Zugangsdaten details by post. My DSL cable is properly plugged in to the middle port.

Here are the steps I followed


1. Connected to, selected Vodafone from providers, entered my MIC. Ends up in timeout "Zeitüberschreitung"

2. Connected to, selected Vodafone from providers, entered the "Zugangsdaten" - Benutzername and passwort. Ends up in timeout "Zeitüberschreitung"

3. Did a full router reset (Wiederherstellen). Repeats steps (1) and (2). Ends up with timeout.

4. Calls customer care. I was asked to repeat steps (1) and (2) and because it was not working, asks me to wait till 18 hours as there could be delays in activation. 

5. Tries steps (1) and (2) again after 18 hours, ends up with timeout. Calls customer care again, the person asks me to wait till 20 hours and repeat the MIC setup as they have to do some "Freigeschalten"

6. On 23.01.2024, repeats the steps (1) and (2) and calls customer care. The person spent some time with me, trying to troubleshoot, but ends up with same error. I was told that I will be called back. None did.

7. On 23.01.2024, calls customer care again, this time the support thinks that there's some error at my end. I was sent a pdf with the same MIC and Zugangsdaten and was asked to check videos online and repeat the router setup.

8. After repeating all the steps/Fritzbox/MIC/Zugangsdaten/Wiederherstellen, I'm borderline giving up. I have used DSL internet with another provider for 6 years, and it's not the first time I'm on a Fritz!Box.


All this while, the Power/DSL LED on Fritz!Box is blinking and I suspect the activation from the network provider has gone wrong.


At this point, I have no internet since 2 days. Currently on a high-cost mobile internet for all my work.

What now?


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Hey @Sib1209,


please contact our customer service via these contact channels. The service via WhatsApp is in English.

My friends will help.


BR J0hann 

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Hi @J0hann. Thanks for the tip.


I managed to talk to customer support and convinced the person to create a ticket/get a Techniker visit.

The same day I got a call from Telekom technician that they accidentally misconfigured the network and everything should be fine after.

So finally after 3 days of outage I got internet!


I can understand things can go wrong etc., but what's surprising is, Vodafone had no way to verify the connectivity and/or troubleshoot. If I had not asked for the Technician, I would still be without internet.